Examples Jhamak Ghimire has Set


On Bhadra 20, 2073 (September 5, 2016) the Madhya Paschimanchal University (MPU) granted Jhamak Ghimire an honorary doctorate. The inspiring litterateur never went to school. Yet, she has received the honour because of her talent in literature. 

Jhamak Ghimire was born on Asar 21, 2037 in Dhankuta. She suffers from cerebral palsy. The neurological condition does not allow her to talk and move her limbs properly. However, she uses her two toes and immense power of observation and  imagination to communicate and create literary works. She has published thirteen books of different genre- poems, stories, essays and autobiographies. Her autobiography, Jeevan Kanda ki Phool (won her Madan Puraskar, the most reputed award in Nepali literature.

Examples she has set

1. Nothing is Impossible

Even with extremely limited movement, if one has healthy mind, nothing is impossible. Though she has never attained school, she gained knowledge on her own. And has become an inspiring figure.

2. Thoughts are Limitless

One may be limited physically but thoughts and imagination have no bounds. She writes as if she has experienced things herself. She has shown her abilities in critically analyzing things she hears and reads.

3. Life is full of Struggles

There are hardships in life. One has to undergo several struggles in life. Ghimire has faced the obstacles of the family, and the society. The obstacles inspired her to revolt against them. Her literary works represent the revolution.


Jhamak Ghimire is an exemplary personality who has challenged her physical weaknesses to inspire people all around the world.*


*Jhamak Ghimire’s autobiography Jeevan Kanda ki Phool has been translated into English, Hindi, and Japanese languages and is being translated into several other languages.


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