I have included some strips of the manga Koe no Katachi by Yoshitoki Ooima in this blog. Please read the strips from right to left.

When I watched Koe no Katachi aka A Silent Voice/The Shape of Voice, watched several video essays on it on YouTube, and later read the manga, I could relate the most to Shouya Ishida’s character. I was not a bully but I used to be nasty at times. However, the similarity lies in the ways he isolates himself. That took me back to my own school days.

I grew up pretty fast during my childhood, psychologically as well as physically. The problems of my home changed me from a carefree, outgoing boy into a worrying introvert. I spent my childhood trying to maintain good grades under the expectations of my parents and teachers. I hit puberty faster than most of my classmates, and that made me feel distant from the rest. Until I was 12, I had a few best friends, but none of them stayed long. I believed that I could have only one best friend, but that best friend was never permanent. After 6th Grade, I could not even tell who my best friend was. I had imaginary friends since I was 8. I spent most of my adolescence with them.

Koe no Katachi took me to those days and made me think: Why didn’t I have no friends then? My house was in the end of a small goreto beside a stream now turned into sewer. I never brought anyone home. I never went to anyone’s. I was scared I might get lost if I went anywhere other than my home and school. At the age of 3 or 4, I had actually lost at Ason. Had the Lamini Aama, who lives in our neighbourhood not found me, I don’t know what would happen to the proud Ankit/Sandeept that is today. But these were all secondary. The primary reason was my pride.

As long as I remember, I have always been proud. I was proud of my good-looks. I was proud of my high-pitched voice. I was proud of my memory. I was proud of my hard-work. I was proud of my timeliness. I was proud of my ability to speak well in public.

The first blow to my pride came in the form of the crooked tooth that somehow changed my good-looks. The second blow was the change in my voice-pitch. The pride of my memory ‘poofed’ when I realized that my brain could not remember everything and that the memories were ever changing. My pride of timeliness, hard-work and my ability to speak up facts from memory got kicked away once again in March when I did my worst presentation ever. But I still did not let go of my pride.

With pride, I had cultivated ego, and I enclosed myself within its walls. This wall has stayed ever since I realized I was different from my classmates, and that I could not easily mix with them. I had several problems. I could not stand them shouting out obscenities, I could not stand them fighting for petty things, I could not stand them taking my note-books, I could not stand them talking about ‘Street Fighter’, I could not stand them joining social media, I could not stand their aggression. In short, I could not stand the adolescents being adolescents. My “matured outlook” was actually my ego. I grew it in such a way that I did not frankly talk to anyone. I pushed them and have always tried pushing other friends and people away from me. I shoved some of them so hard that I have never had life-long friends.

In Koe no Katachi, the anime, Shouya Ishida shuts his ears, and crosses out everyone. That’s who I was, and still am. While my classmates had fun in the class, enjoying the never-returning times of their lives, I ignored their voices, canceled them out and concentrated on books. I used to be in the classroom, but I used to be aloof from whatever they did. Whatever they did, I thought, was nonsense. What I did, always right.

Looking back, I was never sad that I did not have much good memories with my childhood friends. I had my biggest lesson on large-group friendship when I was in my Bachelor’s. That was the time I enjoyed with my friends the most. But back in my head, I still had a doubt like Ishida has at the midway in his character arc, “Is this what friends are like? Am I allowed to be in their friendship, and to be happy?”

By now, I have again been hit by a realization. Even the largest groups of friends dissemble at some point of time. People who used to spill out all secrets, get along with awkward smiles when they meet after a long time. The dimensions of friendship changes with time and it’s natural. Nobody remains the same. I am, however jealous of some of my friends who can keep more than one best-friend in their life and respect each one of them. I am jealous that they can maintain the same dynamics that they created in their childhood. They are the polar opposites of someone like me, one who believes that there can only be one best-friend, and loses even that best-friend eventually.

Koe no Katachi, the anime, shook the walls of my ego; the manga cracked it further. As I dug deeper into my psyche, I realized that I could have been more accepting. I could have enjoyed a bit of “the trifles” of my friends. I could have a bigger heart and accepted many best-friends in my life. I could have been proud of the fact that I valued friendship over my own pride-generated ego. I apologize to you all, my friends, that I could never see anything beyond my ego. That I never tried to understand you; that I did not try to accept you, not even once.

Will I be able to break the walls of ego? I don’t know. Even after the blow it got, it still stands. I have come to a realization that only I can break it. The wall, however, is many-layered and has made my personality. Breaking that wall means that I will have to change my personality to some extent. But am I ready for that alteration? Am I ready to face my demons? Am I ready to move out of my comfort zone? I don’t know. But I am inspired by Ishida when he says in the manga: “There is some things you just can’t change. …I think it’s the time you spend trying to change. …That’s more important.”

I want, my friends, not to push you away; I want to understand you, your perspectives; I want to be more accepting of you; I want to be no more jealous of you; and I want infinite joy whenever I interact with you.

12 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. ujjwal kharel

    The common point where our thoughts strikes is “Can best friend be more than one ?” But nowadays i,am figuring it out that the definition of best friends changes with times. The one who we consider our best friend once may be no longer our best friend with respect to time and condition. Very honest and realistic story of your past life. you must be brave enough to share it among audience. Cheers !!

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      1. ujjwal kharel

        May be its a tiny steps but every drops had its contribution to fill the empty vessels. I have a strong faith on you that with little praise and support you could literally write your own auto biography one day.But, only problem is that we cannot sell our story unless we are Celebrity 😀 😀

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  2. ujjwal kharel

    haha yeap.. But somedays i,am having a silly thought that, what if i write and publish limited copy of auto biography of myself to share my ups and downs with great great great grandchild 😀 Imagine you found an auto biography of your great great great grand parents. wouldn’t it be priceless to got to know our ancestors in depth.?? From my perspective it’s way more priceless then the autobiography of any celebrity. But,unfortunately for this to happen i don’t have any art to play and float in the wave of words. You had developed that gift for urself, why don’t you try. hehe 😛 😀 come on myan 🙂 Develop a media to send your message and communicate with your upcoming successcors.

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  4. Wow! I’m impressed with your ability to be honest and open with your self evaluation. An honest appraisal of what might have caused your feeling of isolation.
    “People who used to spill out all secrets, get along with awkward smiles when they meet after a long time.” That statement is so true. It indicates that what they told as “secrets” might have been less than truthful! Perhaps they lived in a dream world. You lived in a world of reality and faced truth.

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    1. Thank you Oneta 🙂
      Maybe best friends become strangers because of time and distance. Maybe their preferences have changed. Maybe they don’t want to share the secrets anymore. Maybe they became wiser. I won’t say they lived in a dream world but they certainly changed. It would be nice if they could break the barrier and enjoy their stupidities.

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  5. I remember reading this article of yours, when I was in hostel, maybe one and a half year ago.. every sentence here was/is sooo very relatable that I had a break down when I first read this. This writing was/is the ground reality of why and how things were the way they had always been (particularly with me). I visit this particular writing every once in a while and it reminds me of how things have been and realizations- they hit hard. Your writing indeed is a beautiful self-realization. Idk what to say but thank you very very much for writing this. This is one of my favorite piece of writing and I think this will always stay close to me. Thank you so much again. Keep writing, Dai!!

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