Hold My Hand


An enormous mountain stands before my eyes

But it can not hold me back

Neither can I be bound by the ties

My life has made to yours.

I’ve crossed thousands of rivers;

I’ve passed through mountains;

I’ve climbed over them

To behold the beauty on the other side.

I’ve done them all alone.

Always, I’ve been on myself.

Don’t you be sad

That you have to stay back;

I’ll return

Before fate turns bad.


I can’t let you go alone!

Your steps have been hindered

By this mountain once.

A lone traveller you were then;

You lost your bearings,

And when you finally came

To a clearing,

You were half-alive.

My father and I brought you here

And you got back half your life.

Through ceremonious ties,

We’ve been bound.

Don’t say you want to leave me alone;

Don’t climb that mountain without me;

Don’t cross rivers on yourself.

For we’ve sworn:

“Through all places and times

We shall never be apart.”


You’re true, dear.

And you’ve made it clear

That I can’t forever travel alone.

I need a partner

With whom I can climb the mountains;

With whom I can cross the streams;

With whom I can share my pains,


Hold my hand,

Come with me.

I can confidently face anything

When you’re beside me.

(P.S.: The concept for this poem came through a dream and my upcoming novel “Quest”.)