Know About Sandeept

Hello and Namaste,

I am Ankit (aka Sandeept- ‘Sandeep’ with an additional ‘t’). I live in Kathmandu, Nepal with my family.

One fine evening, as I was watching a TV show, I came across a name, Malala. Except for the five minute enactment of the to-be-Nobel-laureate, I did not know anything. I surfed on the web and discovered that she used to write blogs. If I ever wanted a Google account, it was because I wanted an access to That was it. Two sites, some posts and I heard of WordPress. I wanted to experience it first hand. This is where you have come up to.

I am not as genius as my teachers in my school thought, I am not as far-sighted (literally as well) as my parents think, I am not as diligent as my classmates believe. An average looking guy with an average brain who aims at the sky, like many others- well, that’s who I am.

Do explore the site. You might find something that might interest you. Enjoy!

Please visit my other blog sites as well:

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