Global Village

“We’ll create a Global Village,” they said.

And they laid

The basic foundations

To connect people

From different Nations.


The Global Village to people is dear;

It’s brought them near

And they understand

The world better than ever.


Is the world getting better, though,

I wanna know

When we are closed

In the closeness

Of this virtual world?

Are we going farther away

From our families?

From our friends?

From our neighbors?

From our society?


How do we balance between the world’s

Real and Virtual?

How do we carry on

Ourselves without

Being enthralled by stuffs

That are not quite real?

5 thoughts on “Global Village

  1. A serious question. We lose a lot when we journey away from our families, even if the journey is not in space. As individuals reach across the globe for attachments (such as you and I are doing right now) there is a loss to one’s family and associates – the hands on kind of people. I think it is sad. I love the blogging world. At my age I don’t think it takes away a lot since my family all have there own lives. But I do know I would spend more time at the town center if I were not blogging, so I’m making excuses. 😀 But my faith and belief of a personal God who loves me is with me when I’m reaching across the world or when I’m holding my grandchild. So I have the best of all worlds.

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    1. It’s good to know that you are keeping a nice balance between the real and the virtual world, Oneta!

      It’s the question I’ve been actually asking myself and people around me, especially the youngsters, who fail to understand the two worlds.

      Some youngsters are so much engaged in social media that they don’t know what’s happening in their own neighbourhood.

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