February Rain

This morning I woke up to hear sounds of water falling to the grounds. I ignored, for I thought it was not unusual to listen to the waterfall falling from the water tanks. Ten minutes later, my sister said, “It’s raining outside.”

“What? February rain!” I reacted.

“It rained until a few minutes ago.”

“How can there be a rainfall? There were no clouds yesterday.”

“Clouds came up all of a sudden.” She simply said.

The latter part of the month of January had been ruined by the cold brought about by the clouds. They neither fell to the ground nor did they fly off. How can there be a rainfall without a hint of clouds?

I had to check. I went to the verandah and felt the cold rainy air. Clouds were lurking dark in the sky. The ground was wet. Yes, it’s raining in February, not for the first time, but after quite a long time. It’s still raining and songs on rain are being played on the radio as I am writing this and I’m feeling good.


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