मौसम (Weather)

This is a poem in Nepali. For the English interpretation, please go below the poem.

ऋतुसँगै बदलिने मौसम यो
मौकासँगै फेरिने यस्को बानी हो

वसन्तको हर्षसँग रम्छ जहाँ
रङ्गीविरङ्गी फूल फुल्छन् त्यहाँ

ग्रीष्मको रिस पनि सहिदिन्छ यो
सुकेको खोलासँग बगिदिन्छ यो

वर्षाको पीडा बादल बनी लिन्छ
पीडा धेरै भए आँसु बगिदिन्छ

शरदको सान्त्वनाले दुःख भुल्छ
यसको शितलतामा शित बन्छ

हेमन्तको चिसो मुटु कमाउँछ
त्यो त्यस्तै हो भनी चित्त बुझाउँछ

शिशिरको स्वार्थले पिरोलिन्छ यो
पतझर सरि उजाड बन्छ यो

विचारझैँ हरपल बदलिन्छ
मनका सारा भावना समेट्छ यो

समयसँग सधैँ अघि बढ्दछ
वसन्त आउने आशामा बाँच्छ यो

©Originally written on 21st Bhadra, 2069.

This is a poem on weather, how it changes according to the seasons and time. When it is spring, the weather seems the happiest of all. Beauty of the world is enhanced. In summer,the heat is excess. It even kills the flowers that had bloomed in the spring. And yet, the weather continues continues hoping that they will bloom again. When the rain comes down, the weather seems in despair. The rain water becomes its tears. At the end of rainy season, flowers bloom again, but it does not last longer. After that, there is a long period of winter in which much of the greenery is lost. The weather is chilly and unkind, and yet it longs for spring to arrive.

Weather can be compared to our emotions and thoughts. We are the happiest in our childhood and our emotions change with time and season. We long for spring- pleasure, and have to go through several other emotions in achieving it. No matter what happens, we evolve and in the process, we achieve happiness again.

5 thoughts on “मौसम (Weather)

  1. Relating seasons and human emotions together….that is great Sandeept. Thank you so much for this poem. This has opened a myriad of memories in my mind. Great going fellow blogger. Looking forward to more posts.



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