Monthly Feature 15: Zootopia

Zootopia--a play on the word utopia. Utopia--that can also be pronounced as Zootopia (in Sanskrit and in Nepali). Zootopia--a movie I watched twice in about twenty hours. One of the movie I cannot forget. "Anyone can be anything in Zootopia," Judy Hopps, the first rabbit police officer claims. But Nick Wilde, a fox and con … Continue reading Monthly Feature 15: Zootopia

Monthly Feature 12: Let’s take a “Breathless” Revision

When I began writing posts under the category of "Monthly Feature" at the beginning of this year, the only thing I aimed was consistency. The other aim was to review music, movies and art. As I look back, I realize that there have been movie reviews have become more numerous than the others. On the … Continue reading Monthly Feature 12: Let’s take a “Breathless” Revision

Monthly Feature 11: Pashupati Prasad

I wanted to watch this movie when it was released last year but I could not watch it then because I think I was busy in my chores. Thankfully, the movie came up on YouTube during Dashain. After the earthquake of Baishakh 12, 2072, Pashupati Prasad Khakurel comes to Kathmandu from Sindhupalchowk in search of … Continue reading Monthly Feature 11: Pashupati Prasad

Monthly Feature 10: A Movie that Took me Back to Astronomy

For the monthly feature this October, I can't avoid writing about this science fiction movie that involves a worm hole, a black hole, and a crew of scientists trying to save the human species: Interstellar. I watched the movie twice during the second week this September. The first time I watched it, I did not … Continue reading Monthly Feature 10: A Movie that Took me Back to Astronomy

Monthly Feature 9: Inside Out

  What happens when you don't know the role of all the emotions in building your personality? The movie Inside Out answers the question. Summary By the personification of the core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger, director Pete Docter takes us into a journey inside Riley Andersen's head. All the emotions, except Sadness, … Continue reading Monthly Feature 9: Inside Out

Monthly Feature 7: Kalo Pothi- A Movie about Friendship

Nepali is believed to have been evolved from language of the Karnali region. (Sinja valley of Jumla and more popularly known as the place of origin of Nepali language.) To understand the dialogues of a movie which used Khas language of Mugu (a district in Karnali zone) we had to take help of subtitles. We … Continue reading Monthly Feature 7: Kalo Pothi- A Movie about Friendship