Nepal’s Unity Day(?)

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The worst thing about politicizing everything is that everyone is divided. We can’t even agree what unity means.

Today is Paush 27 according to Nepali calendar. On this day, 299 years ago, Prithvi Narayan Shah was born in a small kingdom of Gorkha.

Despite its small size, Gorkha had a huge reputation. King Ram Shah (six generations before Prithvi Narayan) was known for being just. People used to say, “If you go Kashi, you’ll find Gods. If you go Gorkha, you’ll find justice.”

Gorkha is also famous for Gorakhnath, the legendary cow-protecting Yogi. It is said Gorakhnath himself had blessed Prithvi Narayan in his dreams.

Another legend says Prithvi was the incarnation of Bhairav, the ferocious incarnation of Lord Shiva. Bhairav is also known as protector in the ethnic Newa community of Kathmandu.

Gorkha always had eyes on Nepal Mandal (present day Kathmandu Valley) because of its fertile soil and…

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3 thoughts on “Nepal’s Unity Day(?)

      1. Troubled by political division! But learning, too.

        I meant to tell you that in my last semester of college teaching, I had several students who had emigrated from Nepal. They were lovely people who shared a little of their culture… It was my good fortune to meet them before leaving teaching!

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