​An Open Letter to the Members of the Parliament and the Executive

Dear MPs, Prime Minister and Ministers,

I have written this letter on the occasion of Earthquake Safety Day to the most powerful and also the most responsible people of this country (each one of you) to remind you on an important matter related to the victims of the 2072 earthquake. Honestly, I don’t know if you think it’s important. I don’t even think I should tell you anything on this matter but I could not stop myself.

We (that includes you as well) all suffered the problems that came up after the earthquake on Baishakh 12, 2072. Some suffered more because they lived in the rural parts of the country. They lost their shelters, and relatives but they had not lost hopes. We believed we had a guardian. Poor, yes, but a guardian nonetheless, who would help us in making our homes as quickly as possible.

We had not known, however that our guardian did not feel our pains. How would you? You are living in air-conditioned houses and workplaces, you travel in air-conditioned vehicles. You have forgotten the cold we have to face every moment. You can never feel our sufferings.

However you may be: capable or incapable, rich or poor, we are dependent upon you. You have made us so by your political tricks and corruption. Some of the victims have money. They can build our homes and have built their homes. Some have not been able to build homes because you said, “You must build earthquake resistant homes for the safety of your future.” They agreed. They hoped you would provide them with technically skilled human resource or at least train us. They don’t understand what models of houses are earthquake resistant. You did not train them.

Most of the victims do not have a morsel to eat. Constructing a house is not possible without financial aid. You have set up a Commission for Reconstruction but you discuss over the Head of the commission. You do dirty politics in their name while the cold makes them shiver, suffer and suffocate. Children and elderlies have died with cold while you took time just to make mere regulations.

An integrated colony built by Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation at Giranchaur. Source: nepalaaja.com

You haven’t taken care of the victims who are close to the capital. I don’t expect you will do much for those in the rural.  But you’ve given word that you will look after us. One who cannot keep his word is not a man. However, noble hearts have done a lot without promising anything. You must have felt ashamed by what Dhurmus-Suntali have given for the victims: a beam of hope, a community to live with and a path for future. If all of you did a percentage of what Dhurmus-Suntali have done, their lives would have been five hundred percent better than what it is today.

The earthquake victims have been through a lot of troubles. I know you are busy in your power politics but I want you to manage some time supporting them, healing their wounds.

May the earthquake victims bless you for your future endeavors!

Ankit Dhakal “Sandeept”


2 thoughts on “​An Open Letter to the Members of the Parliament and the Executive

  1. Government could have used youths like us during this kind of vacation…..youths would have flooded……have a facebook page and upload some photograohs of volunteers…more will be flooded…if i were a PM😉😉😉

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