Political Awareness among Nepalese

In about 70 years, Nepal has seen different political systems. Until 2007 B.S., the Ranas ruled autocratically. For the next ten years, Nepal saw multi-party democratic system and then two decades of direct rule of the Monarch known as the Panchayat System. The next decade saw a reformed Panchayat. Within ten years, in 2047 B.S., multi-party democracy was re-established. In 2052 B.S., CPN-Maoist began an armed revolution. The revolution came to an end and Nepal saw Republican system of Government. These political changes have contributed in the political awareness among a huge mass of Nepalese.

As I listened to debates my friends made this Saturday and Sunday, I came to know the historical contexts of several movements all around the world. I have listened many different kinds of views. I have come to know how they present their views. I have seen the points at which they agree and debates on things they differ on. The knowledge they have on the politics of Nepal and the world is praiseworthy.

However, people not involved in political parties will dislike the ideas in which they praise only their parties. While just praising the parties they have faith upon, they ignore the mistakes the parties have made. That can be irritating at times. Debates can help solve problems, too. I expect I can see someone among my friends who will be famous in the political front. I expect a positive change soon.

(From Masyam, Palpa)


3 thoughts on “Political Awareness among Nepalese

    1. The calendar I have used is called Bikrama Sambat- one of the major official calendars used in Nepal. A B.S. is 56 years 8 months 16/17 days (commonly used: 57 years) ahead of the English Calendar. Until mid-April, 2017 A.D. it is 2073 B.S.
      So, the dates mentioned in the article:
      2007 B.S = 1950/51 A.D.
      2052 B.S. = 1995/96 A.D.
      And so on

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