What Kind of Light Are YOU?

I think I have something of each kind. Could not figure out which one is more visible.

Purposive Writer

what kind of light are youAre you the Sun?

  • Who brightly shines regularly,
  • Who gives life to every life form that receives your light?
  • Who wakes up a well-rested soul from its slumber,
  • And whose gentle light puts to sleep a tired body?

Are you the Moon?what kind of light are you

  • Who reflects to everyone the light that you receive?
  • Whose light depends on your many phases,
  • Yet, your force influences the tides?
  • Whose full presence is captivating,
  • And whose absence brings darkness?

what kind of light are youAre you a Star?

  • Who sparkles from a distance,
  • Who makes children wonder what you are?
  • Whose color ranges from yellow, to orange, to blue?
  • Who is so distant, yet guides a lost traveler?

Are you a Light Bulb?what kind of light are you?

  • Whose mean purpose is to give light,
  • Yet depends on someone when to give light and when to hold back?
  • Whose effectiveness depends on your wiring within?

what kind of light are you?Are you a Flashlight?

  • Who needs to be charged just…

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