99 years: Is Tri-Chandra showing signs of Old Age?

The Past

When Tri-Chandra College was inaugurated 99 years ago, the then Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher JBR had said, “I have done a mistake. This college will end the rule of the Ranas.”

Though Chandra Shumsher’s division of the Ranas into different classes was among the primary reasons for the fall of Ranas, he was not wrong in understanding the strength of higher education, in changing the society.

The Present

On Sunday, 5th Bhadra, 2073 (23rd August, 2016) the 99th anniversary of Tri-Chandra Multiple College was celebrated. I am not sure what the Tribhuvan University, college administration, students’ union thought about the programme that was organized. Personally, I was not excited. There are several reasons behind my dissatisfaction.

The management of the college is not satisfactory. I am not sure how this college is managed. New students are met first by the cadres of “Students’ Union”. They guide new students well- which is nice. When it comes to handling complex situations, the college administration should guide and help students. The administration, however is almost inaccessible without the mediation of Students’ Union. Because of the inefficiency of the administration, the Students’ Union have been influential over the students as well as the college administration.

There are several unions “for the welfare of students” but none seem to be effective in managing the infrastructures needed for smooth running of the college. The college, divided into two blocks: Ghantaghar block and Saraswati Sadan block, looks better as long as you are outside of the latter. Inside, it has several problems beginning from staffing to the classroom infrastructures.

The Ghantaghar block, the older block gives me a Gothic impression. The building is old. Whitewash has been replaced by mosses and lichens, walls have inhabited ferns and Peepal, the classrooms have infrastructures seemingly from the other century, and the recent earthquake worsened its state even more.

On the Ghantaghar is a Sports Hall. This is also the hall where the 99th anniversary of the college was celebrated. The preparation was evident. The hall looked cleaner than ever. The outside of the hall had been recently painted. The black colour on pillars was painting the hands as well. Grass was cut after more than six months, revealing the junk that had been hidden. No one had cared to throw them, though. (Incomplete preparation, oof!) 

Talking of problems, I must tell you that anyone can enter the college with no restriction, whatsoever. And not all of them come to study. Everyone has seen people smoke marijuana within the college premises. Yet no one does anything to them. There are two reasons, basically: 

1) They can do anything when they are “high”.

2) They have connections with Students’ Union.*

And the weed is dense behind the Ghantaghar block.

And the college has always had ill fame for its gang wars.

I have already talked about academic problems in my earlier post: Why Classes Become Boring.

The Future

Based on the number of students being admitted to the college (which is mostly artificial**), some leaders of Students’ Union had said, “Tri-Chandra should be a university.” 

I had agreed then (when I was a newbie there); I differ now. With the problems the college is facing, and the negligence of administration as well as that of Students’ Union in solving them, the college does not have a bright future ahead. Unless the problems I have mentioned are solved, the college will remain infamous as the centre of gang wars and fights.

* Having a lot of Students’ Union is beneficial to some extent. Nobody dares to touch others because of the the connection they might have.

** The number of students is mostly artificial. Most students admit so that they don’t have to lose a year or two while they try for medical or engineering seats. 

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