Congratulations Girl, You Have Broken The Iron Gate!

Dear Ankita,

Congratulations! You have broken the “Iron Gate” has been weakened over the recent years. This year, they almost melted it and by next year, the gate will be on a new location. Well, that means you might have to break it again. But don’t let that worry you. Because that gate won’t be of iron, it will be of gold. Harder to break, of course.


There are only who friends who can always help you- hard work and sincerity. You need to keep them with you. Never let them fly away. Never leave them. When they are together, the world will be with you. All your weaknesses will turn into strengths. You’ll be a good human being.

Numbers are important to get you up to the greater levels. But they are not what you will be known for. You’ll be known for what you really are. Three hours of examinations worth hundred points are not the measures of your real capabilities. Your capacities are determined by the examinations of your behaviours as a human being, your moralities and the way you can inspire others.

Life’s nothing but struggle. You can never turn away from it. Face it with smiles. You will get what you want. You’ll be able to break all the gates you face, whether it be of gold, platinum or diamond.

Your brother,

[Note to the readers who may not understand the “Iron Gate” metaphor:
The School Leaving Certificate Exams (aka SLC) at the end of Grade 10 was termed the Iron Gate. Maybe for the hype it gained, maybe for the opportunities it opened. The introduction of GPA (Grade Point Average) lowered the pressure of SLC. And from the next year, Grade 10 students will not give the SLC exams, ending 82 years old examination system.]


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