Reconstructing Dharahara: Why use common sense?

The Government of Nepal proclaimed the rebuilding of Dharahara one day. The Dharahara that had been crushed to pieces by the last year’s earthquake. It was bound to happen. Most of us had been too emotional when the nine storeyed tower fell. The first thing that clicked on my mind was- it fell without me reaching to its top. For some weeks since the major quake on April, we shared and posted photos of the remaining tower with caption, “Nepal will rise again.”

The call of the government, though would raise the tower(if worked upon) before any Nepali would. The Dharahara has been given on lease by the Kathmandu Metropolis to a “company” called Side Walkers(or workers?). The company was supposed to rebuild and repair the tower according to the agreement on the lease. The call of the government, however would keep the company out of the equation (not of the agreement) in the reconstruction. We were so emotional that without understanding the truth, we appreciated the task.

Did we really appreciate? Yes, we did. If we didn’t, we kept it to ourselves. We were inclined not to publicly bash the government that has been constantly failing in fulfilling its basic duties. Somewhere in our hearts, we had a soft corner for the government in bringing the matter of reconstruction, even if it did not make any significant impact upon the citizen struggling yet due to the earthquake.

We wanted the tower to be built, but not before the basic needs of the quake victims were sorted out. While a little child was dying on a snowy area of Sindhupalchok, our government was busy finding out ways to emotionally blackmail us. While an elderly person was shivering with cold, the government declared the reconstruction of the tower from people’s fund. While a mother was dying because of malnourishment, we were feeding ourselves with the thoughts of an imaginary tower. We lost common sense in exchange of an emotion towards an abstract tower. We failed as humans.

The truth is like the sun covered by the clouds. It came out, although after the declaration. Most of us, including me did not know about it. From the beginning, I had been thinking about the Dharahara area being turned into a Memorial Park- a park that says, “Hey Humans, be careful of the structures you build. Even the tallest tower of the city can turn into dust within seconds. Be warned.” The Government had other plans, though.

Corruption prevails and we watch. Someone among us cheats us and we let it go. We lose common sense while giving priority to emotions over artificial structures. More than twenty lakh rupees have been raised on the fund for reconstruction of Dharahara. A new tower will be built that will resemble nothing with the past. It will fall some day. We will fall some day. Our descendants will cry looking at it. They too will lose their common sense as we have done. Another structure would rise. The cycle would go on.

2 thoughts on “Reconstructing Dharahara: Why use common sense?

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