Holi, HH Henry, and Monarchy vs Republicanism

Not long ago, we used to sing the glory of King as our National Anthem. The words were difficult even for adults. As children we could not understand its meaning, so we could not sing it. A revolution changed everything. Even if it was led by a man who went antimonarchist at his old age, we got a National Anthem that truly reflects our feelings. Watch players singing the Anthem after they defeated India in the South Asian Games, you’ll understand what I mean.

Six days ago, Prince Henry of the UK, popular as Prince Harry landed in Kathmandu. Holiday, the Spring festival of colours had already begun. In the Kathmandu, Holi is a week long festival with the actual colourful celebration on the seventh day. He added colours on our faces this Holi. He actually participated in the celebration of the festival at Pokhara.

There was a time when the British Empire ruled the world. “The sun never set in the British Empire,” I had been taught. Most countries attained freedom from the Empire during the rule of George VI, the great grandfather of Prince Harry. The Prince got much attention in the media. After all, the British Royal Family is still one of the most influential institutions. A member of that institution had made his first official landing that day. The Prince got the attention he deserved. But he also grabbed a fair amount of respect during his official visit to Nepal

His plain clothing, indulgence in the acts of wood-carving and visits to the camps of the earthquake victims added glory to his charm. People (including me) have already started posting pics, memes and blogs praising the Prince. He is staying a week longer than his official visit and he has not demanded security or anything but has been willingly participated in healing the wounds of last year’s earthquake victims.

We are what I believe in a nostalgia the Prince created this week. Most people of my father’s age might have remembered King Birendra, when he was a Prince and his sons Dipendra and Nirajan. The course of history changed after their assassination and Gyanendra Shah became the King. I bet that we were insecure because the throne would eventually go to his son Paras, who has a bad reputation among the public as a drug abuser. There was one way the civic right activists and politicians knew that would certainly abolish the fear- remove the Monarch. We could not let our fates be decided by an incompetent heir to the throne. Our fates had to be decided by ourselves. No system could do that better than the Republican system.

Once the civic right activists and the politicians convinced people to throw off Monarchy, people came down to the streets. They threatened to capture the Royal Palace, albeit peacefully. Each and every part of the nation saw the surge of people who had finally decided that they needed someone among themselves to rule and not someone who would automatically handover his powers to his son- no matter how incompetent or disliked he is. For the first time, we wanted to be our own masters.

Some days prior to the British Prince’s visit, I saw this article on Facebook. The article proves that Monarchy still exists among us as its ghost. The ghost will not move out unless we seek better ways of ruling ourselves. We have the keys but we keep losing them, sometimes because we listen to our neighbours and sometimes because we can not choose among ourselves the brightest and the ablest. I still believe that democracy is the only way to go forward. No dictator or monarch is going to save us- that’s the path we had chosen when we had become a part of the antimonarchist movement. That’s the way we sing the National Anthem in its true sense.

[Note to the politicians: Just look at the way the British Prince acted this week. Most of you came from poor families, you struggled for a penny in your childhood, you spent the most productive years of your lives fighting the Monarchs including the King I mentioned above. Now that you have become lavish-rich, you have forgotten your grounds. If a Prince can be down-to-earth, why can’t you?

Note to the Common Nepalese: By choosing Republican system over Monarchy, we have given ourselves the upper hand. If that means something, its time we wake up. We are our own masters. Those bureaucrats, parliamentarians and ministers are those who we selected or are responsible for our well being. We can bring the individual crooks down. Bringing down the system will be a disaster.]

14 thoughts on “Holi, HH Henry, and Monarchy vs Republicanism

  1. This was a powerful post for me. Having grown up in a country where the right to vote is taken for granted (and usually not used), it was good to hear from someone who lives in a nation that only recently became a Republic. Your conviction that the Nepalese people must use the republican system to take control of their future is inspirational – and true. Democracy can be a powerful force for instigating peaceful change; but only if enough people participate in the political process. When they don’t politicians have free reign to do as they please, or to cater to the most extreme elements of the population (who tend to be the most vocal). Under these conditions democracy can fall apart; as is evidenced by the current situation in the United States.

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    1. The problem here is Josh, that we are too emotional. And our political inclination is full of doubts. Our visions fade out after a single failure. Maybe because we look upon economically developed societies and think, ‘Why are we poor?’
      We should have searched for our richness in other ways. Every community, every society, every nation has different strengths. Maybe that’s what we tend to overlook at times.

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      1. I think that in general, meaning in many countries, too much emphasis is placed on material wealth. Having grown up in the most economically developed nation on the planet, I can assure you that having a high GDP does not erase a country’s problems. It’s true that some Americans have more material comforts than some people in other countries, but that does not mean we’re happy.

        But I think you already know that. As you said, every community has different strengths. Material wealth is just one measure of richness, and hardly the most fulfilling.

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  2. This is fantastic. I’m always interested in reading about how things are going in other parts of the world. It’s even more uplifting for me because I’m often ignorant to the histories of different nations. But, it seems as if the time is now. The people are ready to take a stance to rule themsevles.
    If anything, this just goes to show how tolerant and accepting the world is starting to become. Years of hatred are beginning to dwindle. Positive emotions are flourishing. Thank you for sharing!

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      1. Perhaps but how is anyone to really know anymore? The republic is there. All that can be done is to move forward with it. Take along the good and the bad.


      2. I too believe that’s the only way out. But here are politicians who do not have a proper stance and adults, childish in their ways of thinking. We lack leaders who can help understand the meaning of republic to common people.

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      3. That certainly is a problem. Leaders must be both informative to the people and considerate of them. They need to lead them. I don’t know a solution for replacing the unfit with the fit, but knowing the problem is half the battle.

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