Clogged up!

When you have one thing to tell, you can speak it out easily. When you have two things to share, it might not be difficult to do so. What if you had hundreds of things to say? Your mind will be jammed. No words flow free. That’s when you’re clogged up.

It’s more than twenty days since my last post. One blog post changed the traffic to my blog site and I was excited for a few days. As the traffic increased, I had no idea what I should do next. Not that I had nothing in my mind. I just had too many things to say. And it ended in me not being able to say / write anything.

Now that I’ve opened the gates, it might not be difficult to get back into the flow. I might be able to tell those stories again. If I don’t, those stories will add up to a novel.


2 thoughts on “Clogged up!

  1. I know the feeling Ankit. But, just keep moving forward. That’s all you can do. Things will come and just keep writing, in what little ways you can. You’ll at least have stuff written down and you can focus on organizing it later 🙂

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