Number 3 and Me: Geological Tour to Malekhu

This post is about the coincidences of number 3 and its multiples during the geological tour I went from 4th to 18th January (20th Paush to 4th Magh). Most of these are coincidences while some have been interpreted randomly. Explanations are in brackets wherever needed.


1. The tour was to Malekhu (3 syllables: Ma-le-khu).

2. It began on the month of Paush (9th month of Nepali Calendar).

3. The in-charge of the field was Deepak (6 letters) sir.

4. I belonged to Group R (18th letter of English alphabet) which had come up in random.

5. There were six members in my group. Three boys and three girls.

6. The captain of the group was Prashmita (9 letters).

7. The name of school at Malekhu in which we stayed was Shree Bageshwori (15 letters).

8. The room in which I stayed was Room No. 3.

9. There were total of 20 people in the room in the room. Some days later, the number decreased to 18 because of an awful incident.

10. I stayed a total of three days at camp (no field work). On two occasions, camp work had been scheduled. On one, I had no confidence to walk for a distance of about 12 kilometres. My knees had suffered a strange trauma.

11. I represented my group three times on Group meetings as standing-captain.

12. The tour took a total time of 15 days.

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