What Next?

On January 22, I receive an e-mail from the organizers of NaNoWriMo. The mail says, “What next?” And that’s not the only thing it says. It says to awaken the editor within me to amend the constitution– (Sorry!) the novel I had constructed in the month of November. I just mark it as “read” and say to myself, “The author is here, I’m on fire. The story is on the computer.” Readers might say, “Fine. What’s wrong in that?” That actually is the problem and as I write this article looking at the dead desktop computer on my table I’m asking to myself if the problem will be solved.

Thanks to the “Good Governance” and the Great Nepali dream of becoming “load shedding free” by the next year, interaction with the electricity has become rare. Electrical appliances are running with an application of brakes every half an hour. Even if I get a chance to “open” my computer, there is a fear, “When will it go off?” By the time I will be ready to edit, I am sure I will be too late. The computer screen will be as dark as night. So I decide to stare at the computer, think of the story and edit it within my mind. I’ll also be checking out NaNoWriMo’s programmes. So, I can smile a bit, can I?

Readers might ask, “How are you writing this if your computer is in a state of coma?” I would like to thank WordPress for creating an Android App. There is a problem with Android phones- battery. Thanks to my parents, they installed a panel that catches up photons during the day. The free energy from the Helios is all that runs this phone these days. (The battery is draining as I type in with my thumbs!)

“What next?” My friend Anish (now famous for his jacket) said to me when I called him at noon the other day. He had asked what blog posts I had in store. I had two articles. One, I posted almost an hour after the call. The second is a monthly feature to be published on February 1st. I have compiled this somehow. Will I be able to post another? The question still lingers, “WHAT NEXT?”

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