A District that Could Not be Separated by a River


Trishuli River at Salanghat, Dhading

I spent fifteen precious days of my life in Dhading from 4th to 18th January. On one occasion I followed my camp to the Trishuli bank overcoming the fear of crossing a suspension bridge.

I saw the river almost everyday walking through the Prithvi Highway. One day a question came up- why did the river not divide the district of Dhading? The southern part, which is closer to the main highway of the country is still remote. How could development works have reached on the northern part? The headquarters of the district is further north from Malekhu, where we stayed. The northern limit is farther still. Except the areas around the Prithvi Highway and Kalu Pandey Highway (Malekhu-Dhading Road), I doubt there is much development within the district. (I will be glad if I am wrong!) However, the rugged topography is a challenge in development.

The Trishuli river itself is a challenge. Except for a few suspension bridges and fewer concrete ones, Tuin is a dangerous and unreliable means of crossing the river. The river, which flows into three districts- Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Dhading has created valleys but the Highway constructed on its left bank accounts for uneven development.

Which is the only district that ranges from Himalaya in the north to the Mahabharat Lek (Hills) in the south? Dhading. I used to answer with pride. Seeing the real troubles there, I now ask expecting answer from somewhere, “Why was the district not made smaller? If its length was to include the Prithvi Highway, why is there a state of unequal development?”


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