Psychology of Good Health

If you believe your stomach will be upset by eating something, will it be true? If you have a doubt over some food, will that affect your body? Does thinking something will make you ill really disturb your physical health?

I have been observing the answers of these questions at the geology camp at Malekhu. For the first few days, everyone was finding the food good and it’s not bad until now, but most folks here have lost their appetite. Many have been ill. What has actually happened? I present my analysis here.

For the first two to three days, the work load was not so heavy. Everyone was enjoying. As the work load increased, stress was visible. Fatigued faces with dark circles popped up, stooped shoulders were common amongst the most. Appetite did not seem to have been affected until then.

During the dehydrating field work, almost everyone were depending upon the junk foods for tiffin. Water consumption became low. They worked under cold breeze until midnight. Appetite of a few people decreased.

More people joined them. Some of them decreased the amount of food they ate, some stopped consuming the meal. Some of my friends say that they don’t feel like eating meal at all. They are now surviving on milk, confectionery, junk food and water.

I find myself on a state if transition right now. Neither have I completely lost my appetite, nor do I have an absolutely great desire for the meal. (Might be the effect of high amount of proteinous diet I had never ever consumed earlier.)

The psychology of good health is so extraordinarily visible to me in this camp. Don’t need to go much far. In my camp itself, one if my friends felt he would be sick because he ate potato chop at the Malekhu Bazaar. His stomach was upset the other day. One of the members of my group felt he would not be fine after eating hot and spicy food. He suffered the night from diarrhoea. On the other side, I too had eaten the same things they had eaten thinking nothing would happen. And nothing happened! It was nothing but the effect of psychology.

I also came across a villager who said she suffered from chronic gastritis but the medication had no effect on her. From what she said, it could be inferred that she would not believe medication could have any positive effect upon her. (I also remembered an aunt from my home at Kathmandu who suffered from similar illness but the doctors were unable to identify the disease.)

I have finally concluded that our health is affected by the way we think. The psychology of good health is true.


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