The Youth of Nepal amaze me

Thank you Kate for the amazing post!

Bowen to Bangladesh

I tell ya, I spend my time these days being in awe of the youth of Nepal.  Even the staff here at SIRC have philanthropic minds and although they are not well off, they are better off than most.  They know it, so they take on the responsibility of helping those in need without so much as a word.

For instance yesterday Dipesh, the Admin Director brought a pair of fleece socks for each patient & their carers.  His wife who runs a beauty shop, sent lipsticks and nail varnish for all the female patients and female carers.  How very thoughtful – us women always delight in ensuring we look good, no matter what our lot.

Archana, ASCoN Conference Coordinator bought a set of warm winter clothes & jacket for a young 8-year-old patient last Friday.  Today she brought him a pair of boys shoes (up to now he has…

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