A Walk, A Bent Back!

The world runs in weird ways. People here run in weirder ways. I didn’t choose to run, however. I walked- from home to college and from college to home, alternately on alternate days. I wanted to save my back.

Whoever has known about the micro-buses in Nepal will understand my problem. These vehicles with low height are meant to carry twenty people max at a time. Four people, including a khalasi ( aka conductor. My teacher once called them handyboy, I don’t know why) can be adjusted in most vehicles (usually manufactured by Toyota or KIA). These vehicles are faster than the buses and mini buses and are also operated on smaller roads. That’s why most people use them. Now the vehicles are not enough for transporting people during the “office-time”. There is always a battle to get a seat. If not, one  has to bend their back for at least ten minutes- if luck favours. Otherwise, one might have to stand in that Yoga posture for more than thirty minutes.

I try to avoid such a situation as much as possible. If I have to “stand up” on the micro bus, I will have to bend my low making ninety degrees with my feet. The back pain that sweeps in is the worst. Walking feels much better than this bent standing up.

I walked. This week I walked everyday until Wednesday. On Wednesday, I walked to college in the morning. While returning back home, I thought I climbed on an empty vehicle but unfortunately, it was filled by people in no time. Within seconds, I was squeezed by the people and within ten minutes, I was gasping. The windows were closed because it’s cold in Kathmandu these days. Ironically, I was sweating. People had seen that and had started commenting already. I had to get off. No, not because my destination had arrived but because I could not bear the pain on my back any longer. I got off at Tangal, almost twenty minutes south of my home. I walked again- tired and limping!

The effect showed up on Thursday. I could not dare to walk for forty five minutes between my home and college. I chose micro bus again. Thankfully, I got seats on both occasions that day.

It’s Friday and the pain continues as I write. The only satisfaction is that Saturday is coming up in almost two and a half hours. Hope (the biggest of the troubles released by Pandora) is making me think I can walk to college on Sunday again. Wishing her good luck is all I can do now.

10 thoughts on “A Walk, A Bent Back!

      1. Saturday has been the official holiday for more than a century. It might have been mostly because people prefer to go to temples usually on Saturdays. But they also do that on Tuesdays. I’m not pretty sure about the history involved.

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      2. Maybe the rulers wanted to be different from the British, or perhaps they were pushed by superstition that the day of Shani is not lucky. Anything could have been the reason. The Bikram calendar might also have been the strongest reason.

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  2. Oh I know about this situation. Not because I’ve experienced this in your area but because I’ve experienced similar in mine. I prefer, some days (and even nights!) to walk home. While I know would be dead beat walking for over an hour to get home, it beats the dreaded anticipation of filing onto a bus and having to gasp for air.
    You can make it Sandeept! I believe in you 🙂

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