3 Days 3 Quotes- Day 2

Freespirit (Jane) of wannatalkavenscent had nominated me for this challenge on 11th of November. The rules of this challenge are:

1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

समाजले मान्छेको बाहिरी सतही रूपमा मात्र हेरेर यो मान्छे त कति राम्रो, त्यो मान्छे कति कुरुप भन्ने गर्थ्यो तर मलाई कोहि अनुहारले राम्रो र नराम्रो कहिल्यै लागेन |

झमक घिमिरे, जीवन काँडा कि फूल?


“The society examines a person’s beauty superficially and says this is beautiful and that is ugly but I never judged a person’s beauty by their face.”

Jhamak Ghimire, Jeevan Kaanda ki Phool (Is Life a Thorn or a Flower)

Jhamak Ghimire is a Nepali writer born with cerebral palsy. Her body is paralyzed and she cannot talk. With only two toes of left foot working, she writes her emotions on paper. The book from which this quote is taken won the Madan Puraskar, the greatest prize of Nepali Literature. Each and every word of her book is an inspiration. She has changed the meaning of disability. “Disability is not an inability to move your limbs,” she says, “but an inability to use your thoughts for welfare of the society.”

I have nominated the following three people:

Anish Khanal

Wandering Soul

Samir Acharya



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