A Conversation

Location : Between Jamal to Chandol, Kathmandu on a Micro(bus).

Time : About 2 to 2 : 30 PM

(The following is a real conversation I overheard during my trip back to home from College on Thursday. I recalled each and every words and then translated them. It’s a random conversation between a girl and a boy.)

A: I don’t get time to do read. There are too many homeworks to do.

B: It’s more important to read than doing homework. Board exams are not conducted on that basis.

A: What to do? They (teachers) threat that they will not give marks. Today, one said that he will give 0 in class activity.

B: They won’t do that. They can’t. While providing marks to the board, they have to say that everyone had done at their best. It’s a matter of reputation for the teachers and the college. (That’s true!)

A: May be. By the way, why are you absent most of the times? Do you roam around often?

B: Yeah.

A: Alone?

B: Do I need three, four (girls) to roam with, then?

A: No, but I have heard that you have a girlfriend.

B: Now, who is that back-biting me?

A: I just heard it, alright.

B: Who said that?

A: No one in particular. I just heard it.

B: Actually I go around alone. I don’t have a girlfriend.

A: Most (boys) do. But I don’t have (a boyfriend).

B: Most don’t (have boyfriends or girlfriends). It’s difficult to stay in a “relationship”.

A: I don’t think I will ever stay in a relationship. I can’t.

B: Don’t lie.

A: No, it’s true. I can’t think of it.

B: I don’t like to walk alone carrying a heavy bag.

A: I used to walk a lot with my friends when I used to study at…

B: It’s a different thing to walk with a friend. I can’t dare to walk alone for long on this scorching sun carrying this load… By the way, I don’t know your name.

A: What? We have talked so many times and you don’t know my name.

B: I forget names, what is it?

A: …

B: I keep forgetting people’s names. I will write it down…(takes a copy and writes) You know my name already, don’t you?

A: Yeah. I know you are … but I don’t know your last name.

B: Rai. And yours?

A: … Pulami(Oh, Magar!). What’s yours? (Didn’t she listen?)

B: Rai… I have heard Pulami for the first time.

A: Can you guess what Pulami is? (Magar, Magar!)

B: What? (Magar!)

A: Like Bahun, Chettri, Newar. Can you guess what Pulami is?

B: Hmm… Chhetri. (Don’t you follow Nepali cricket? There is Rajesh Pulami Magar in the team. You should have known that.)

A: No, Pulami is Magar.

B: Magar? You don’t look like a Magarni, though you are a little chhuchi (while speaking, of course!).

A: My mother is Chhetri.

B: Oh.

A: Yeah, usually Magarnis are nakkali. They don’t study much, but I am not like that. I used to be first in my class and one teacher used to say the same. I had been asked if I was a Bahun. I said that my mother is Chhetri.

B: Love marriage, hmm?

A: But most people say that I look like a Newar.

B: Oh, you do look like Newar.

A: Even the pure Newars are confused at times and call me a Newar.

A: You lied. (While saying that you don’t have girlfriend.) I don’t like people who lie.

B: You have to lie sometimes.

A: I can’t lie. Today in class, most of them were lying, one was showing the others’ copy. I stood up and said I had forgot to bring my copy and I was punished. (The teacher had threatened to give 0 because of that. Why do those who speak the truth are always punished?)

B: I don’t give a damn about lying.

A: My mom says to speak the truth always. I think I should also lie sometimes, if I can benefit from it. (Oh no, end of innocence! Never do that.)… I’ll try speaking lies from now on. (Never do that. You can never succeed in it.)

B: Which subject you like the most?

A: Bio(logy). I don’t like Physics.

B: What will you do after reading Science (taking Science in Plus 2)?

A: I want to become a doctor. That’s why I am reading Science. (Your interest in Biology is justified.)

B: Specialization?

A: I want to become a surgeon. (Another good student getting off the competition. Wanting does not work. You have to be desperate. I know that.) But I am scared of doing operations. (That’s really bad! You might have to change your aim of becoming a doctor.) We have to cut (dissect) frog in (Grade) 11. (It might go well after that. You never know.)

B: What interest you have besides studying?

A: I don’t have much interest in anything. But I like dancing.

B: What do you do?

A: I watch reality shows a lot. I like dancing a lot.

B: I mean what dance form you like to do.

A: Hip-hop, Locking and popping. Those sorts.

B: Don’t you like classical?

A: I like it but I find it boring most of the times.

B: Oh.

A: I like Salsa also. I wanted to join dance classes after SLC but my mom did not approve of it.(Damn!) She thought that I would be more involved in dancing than studying. (Why parents do that?) I don’t think I will ever. There is no time now. (You’ll have missed a lot.)

B: What will do after taking science? (Iteration of a previous question)

A: I’ve already said. (She remembers!) What about you?

B: I’ll take Law in the Bachelor’s level. (Oh, a lawyer!)

A: I don’t understand Law. Not at all. It’s too complex. You have to rote a lot of things.

B: I don’t think so. There are many interesting things. It’s all about knowing and practising. And there will be interesting cases (to deal with). It’s not like Science, where you have to rote something because you can’t understand. It’s not always possible to understand everything. (Point!)

A: Anyway, I have to do my homework and take them everyday. I don’t want to be punished always.

(I had to get off within the next thirty seconds. I couldn’t listen anything else. As soon as I reached home, I wrote them down, trying to keep it as accurate as possible.)


  1. The … denotes time interval, which ranged usually between one second to less than 30 seconds.
  2. I neither know nor remember the girl (A) and the boy (B). If you ever came across  this, I apologize that I overheard your conversation. Not only that, I converted into a writing. If I have hurt you somehow, please forgive me (again).
  3. The letters, words, terms or sentences within (brackets) are for explanatory purposes.
  4. The italicized words within (brackets) were my spontaneous responses. In my mind, of course!
  5. This post does not intend to hurt the ethnicity of people. It was a light-hearted conversation and I hope everyone can understand that.

Some typical Nepali words used in the conversation:

  • chhuchi (also chhuchchi) : a girl who speaks in a rude manner. (Used as a joke, here.) To describe a rude-mannered boy, chhucho or chhuchcho would be used.
  • nakkali : a girl who is inclined to do a lot of make-ups or facial expressions. (I don’t know a single word in English for that!) A boy inclined to doing make-ups would be a nakkale.
  • Magar : an ethnic group of Nepal especially in the Western and Eastern Hilly regions of Nepal. A Magar lady is called Magarni.
  • Rai : a major ethnic group in the Eastern Hills of Nepal. Both Magars and Rais are Mongolian in appearance. A Rai girl would be called Raini.
  • Bahun : a colloquial term for Brahmans in Nepal. A lady would be Bahuni.
  • Chhetri : also known as Kshetri. A colloquial term for Kshyatriya. Ladies are known as Chhetrinis. They are the most populated caste according to the census.
  • Newars : a major ethnic group of Kathmandu. A lady Newar would be Newarni.
  • All the caste names used in common are masculine. Adding ‘ni’ as suffix makes it feminine. (You must have noticed that above. I hadn’t thought it was so before I had written this post.)

22 thoughts on “A Conversation

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      1. Their comments about never having a relationship, especially… Maybe they were poising for each other, but two young people expressing that they could not see a warm loving future relationship really struck me. How did you feel listening too the conversation?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Well, it’s not unusual here in our society. So, I hadn’t given much care to it before. It’s a serious issue, actually. We have families, norms and traditions, which bind us to some extent. But I had never before thought why they should be so negative to being in relationships. It might be the result of what they have seen around them. I can never tell.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. This was an excellent post! I can’t help but over hear conversations in some of my travels….but to remember it so well is hard for me! I loved your italicized input!
    And I’m not sure they were really honest about relationships…..we’re they sort of attracted to each other, so playing a cat and mouse game?
    Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Debbie!
      I couldn’t have remembered it all if I hadn’t decided to jot it down. I’m also not sure if they were honest about relationships. It’s confusing, but it’s their opinion at that time. It might change in future.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I enjoyed the post…you remember the conversation so well enough to write it into a post, that’s awesome!
    The only thing that saddened me about the conversation was how they had the concept of relationship and caste drilled into their young minds. Also the part where he had to give up learning to dance because his parents were worried that it would affect his studies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, but you made me check the post twice. It was the girl, who was talking about not being able to join dance classes. I had to check if I had made a mistake. I hadn’t made mistake but it seems you have been a little confused. So, I made that clear in the ‘notes’.
      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Vibrant

    Hello Sandeept 🙂

    This is a fascinating read. Though I agree with Pam and Debbie, on both accounts, i. e. , their not being very honest and its being saddening; I am familiar with the culture in Nepal, India and other countries nearby so it’s not a surprise.

    This post did teach me a lot about how you address various castes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I, too was not surprised while they talked about relationship but when Pam and Debbie commented on it, I felt there is something to think about.

      I have added the words with which females are addressed, which I had forgotten to mention the other day.

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. Oh, This has been set as a featured post for more than two months now. I could not remove it because of the change in WordPress layout. I also haven’t been able to access through my desktop computer. Please scroll down the home page for new posts. The latest is- “The Craziest Birthday Party Ever!”

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      1. Really? I wonder why your posts are not coming up on my feed. I’ve followed you but they seem to have dropped out. I heard this happens. The solution is to unfollow the person and follow them again, then the feeds come back. I will read your new posts, thanks, cheers Niocle

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