Between Dreams

Dreams – imagination and aspirations. Dreams – something that inspires me to live a better life. Dreams are seen when I am asleep. Dreams are also seen when I am not asleep. All my experiences are in many ways related to dreams.

When I am asleep…

Dreams are usually less vivid. They are strange combinations of present, past and future along with little fantasies. When I was around 10 years old, I used to recollect the dreams I had seen and write them down on a notebook. That practice improved my ability of writing. While I read those accounts again, I get back to the dreams and I remember some characters like Supspir Man (Combination of Superman and Spider-man), colourful Robocop and my friends who I used to see then. I also discover that my dreams during my sleep have changed only a little during this time. There are strange characters, strange consequences. One dream was so inspiring that it made me imagine Star-Man, an all-powerful superhero with the powers given to him by Lord Brahma, the creator of universe in Hindu Mythologies. A recent dream introduced me to the word, jellybeans. I never knew the meaning before that dream. The same word became inspiration of my science fiction, Jelly Beans.

When I am awake…

I am an eternal dreamer. I imagine many different things. If I have to talk well to other people, including my family members, I have to imagine the whole conversation. I dream of the things I need to speak and things they might tell me. Without such thorough imagination, I can not present myself well. Every second when I am not sleeping, I dream of achieving higher. Higher in the sense of becoming better than what I am now. I have to recollect the memories of errors and then have to improve on them. My dreams help me achieve the goals of becoming a better each day.


The interactions I make when I am awake also have been important in shaping my dreams. A gossip with my little sister, one day inspired me to imagine the Hindu mythology of the Tripuras in a different way. Words have made me dream of the past, the present and the future. They have been the ways of expressing my dreams. Drawings and movies have always inspired me to dream big. Literary works from different writers have also expanded the ways I dream of the world.

When I am  not dreaming…

I am what many would call as normal. I am an intent listener of the talks of my parents, my sister and of my friends. I don’t remember all of their talks, though. It’s really strange that I can remember just a few things that I want to learn from them. The other times I am not dreaming would be the times when I am dead asleep. Dreams, however have always been with my life as my guiding star. At times, I think, how awful would life without a single dream?


8 thoughts on “Between Dreams

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  2. Vibrant

    It’s a wonderful post Sandeept. I have been fascinated by dreams all my life. Do you still keep dream-journal? I feel that might be a great help in creative writing.

    I also did a post on dreams a few years ago. If you have not seen “Inception” by Christopher Nolan, I highly recommend it as it’s about dreams.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


    1. I still write some of my dreams though it’s not as regular as in the past.
      “Inception” is a movie I had wanted to watch when I had heard of its story but haven’t got the time. In fact, my friends were talking of the movie the day before I posted this. I think I must watch it soon.

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