An Open Letter to Honourable CA Members

The constituent assembly (CA) is going to promulgate the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 tomorrow(Ashwin 3, 2072) at 5 P.M. This is an open letter to the CA members.

Honourable CA members,

I want to congratulate you all for being able to draft a constitution acceptable to the majority of Nepalese. It took almost 22 months since the election for the second constituent assembly for the drafting. Had the earthquake not struck on that fateful day of Baishakh 12, I am sure the constitution would not have been drafted by now. It seems as though the earthquake had come as blessing in disguise. Anyway, this is not the right time and place to discuss on the earthquake. This is a time of celebration. Celebration of the promulgation of People’s Constitution.

There is not a perfect mood for celebration, however. As I have already said, the majority of Nepalese have accepted the constitution. I, repeat, “majority” because the most Nepalese from the Terai/Madhesh are still not willing to accept it as their constitution. They have the impression that the three large political parties have used their power of majority to draft this book, which they have to call a “constitution”. You all are to be blamed on this.

Some of you representing “Madhesh” decided to leave the constitution-making process. You went back to the Madhesh and then began a strike, which suddenly turned violent. Yet you denied (and you will still deny)  that there was any violence. Both the executive, which includes the mainstream parties, and the protesters promoted violence in the districts of Terai. And you did not step back to involve yourself in making the constitution. By doing so, you have denied and dishonoured the votes of people who had elected you. You have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Those of you belonging to the three parties (Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maoists) seemed adamant in drafting constitution, which was good to see. But it came at the cost of almost 50 lives in the Terai. You should have worked out the ways to include the leaders from Madhesh. The drafting of this constitution was not easy – it was more difficult than climbing the Everest, I understand. But if a larger number of citizens had accepted, it would have been more meaningful.

Finally, I would like to thank you on the behalf of all Nepalese for showing us a way out into the path of development. I believe that with the promulgation of this constitution, Nepal with take a leap into the path of prosperity. The infrastructures damaged by the recent earthquake will be reconstructed and new infrastructures will be established in all the corners of the country. I congratulate you all again and pray to Lord Pashupatinath (I don’t think I have offended anyone, have I? The country has been declared secular!) that we all remain safe and sound.

Ankit Dhakal “Sandeept”on behalf of all peace loving Nepalese

(P.S. I have also written an article on that earthquake of Baishakh 12 (April 25). You can click here to read it. You might find it useful.)


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