Happy Birthday to a Great Dame

Live to Write - Write to Live

Yesterday was Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday. I’ve written about her, and what she means to me a couple of other times on this blog. (Here and here.) Those posts also include what I’ve learned from being a Christie-o-phile.

Today, I want to acknowledge something, as a writer. She died 39 years ago. Thirty. Nine. Years. To date, it is estimated that she has sold between 2 billion and 4 billion books. Her books still sell very well. Additionally, there are adaptions of them on television and in the movies, and even an author who has rebooted the Hercule Poirot series. Despite being of an Edwardian age, born 125 years ago, her books remain current enough to continue to attract generations of writers. Some, many, claim that they read her as a teenager, but not since. Fair enough. Even if that is true, generations upon generations of readers continue…

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