You See what You Want to See!

फूलको आँखामा फूलै संसार, काँडाको आँखामा काँडा संसार | – दुर्गालाल श्रेष्ठ

(Transliteration: Phool ko aankha ma phoolai sansar, kaanda ma kaandai sansar)

This beautiful line from a song written by Durga Lal Shrestha says that we perceive the world as we are. If we are soft within, we think that the world is ‘bed of roses’ and can be easily lived. If we are hardened within, we look at the harsh side of the world.

If only eyes could see everything!
If only eyes could see everything!

We, humans have two distinct types of visions. The first one, that is perceived by our eyes relates us to the physical world. The other, that is perceived by our consciousness (‘heart’, in simple words) is the one that makes us superior to all the other animals. But this consciousness is biased. It sees what it wants to see.

When a boy is in love with a girl, he merely sees any imperfection she has. He might have well seen them, but he either pretends not to notice or does not care about it at all. If, for some unpleasant reasons, the boy starts developing a negative feeling towards her. Her sound, which he previously thought musical, hurts him now. Her questions become her jealousy. He starts hating her, ultimately.

Just as in the above example, we often compare people and things based on our preference of vision. Sometimes, we want to see things as normally as they are. Sometimes, we want to depreciate their values. At other times, we praise someone or something even if they are not praiseworthy. This is perfectly normal as it is human nature to judge things based upon our preference.

However, if such a tendency is obsessive, many people can suffer. In the above example of the boy and girl, the boy might have confessed his love towards the girl. He might have gained acquaintance with her family member and he might have introduced her to his family as well. The hatred, which he unfortunately gained from an unknown source, if grown in his heart further, can be distressing for the girl and her family. Even the boy’s family might have been hurt. To prevent this, we have in our possession a great tool: reasoning.

When we are biased towards someone, we usually lose our abilities to reason. We can not ourselves decide what is right and what is wrong. We start listening to those who water the hatred and without any confirmation believe that they are true. That way, we destroy ourselves and destroy the lives of uncountable people. We should always be open to reasoning so that we can decide correctly, what we want to see.

How do you see the world? Do you think you were biased at someone or something some day? Do comment below.


6 thoughts on “You See what You Want to See!

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  2. For me, I have decided to see the good in everything. There is always some-“thing” in No-thing. When you are biased by something or someone, it simply means that such thing is taking a part of your life process which might affect your esteem and life. The best we can do is to be and stay Positive. Great and thought provoking post. keep it up.

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  3. Beautiful quote.

    Buddha, Goethe, Vedanta and many other thinkers have said same things 🙂

    And you took a pertinent example to explain the reasoning too.

    I try to overlook negatives mostly. I feel we should either try to change or accept; there is no use in complaining.

    LOve and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  4. So, I have four comments till now and I see that all you have a positive mindset. It’s a good thing to know that people with positive thoughts are more into creative writing. Hope our messages are spread well all around the world.


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