It’s been three days since I have joined Writing 101 at Blogging University. I have neither written a post on my own, nor their prompts inspired me much. Not even today. It’s not odd, I guess. I enjoy my freedom in writing. I can’t write anything when someone says me to write it. It has to be spontaneous. It needs to flow.

So, when I saw the six words – TREASURE, SECRET, REGRET, HOME, LOVE, and UNCERTAINTY – that Writing 101 provided, it did not inspire a new thought. Not at all. All these words pointed out to a single article I had written about 2 weeks back. I shared it this morning to the commons – however old it might have been.

I am not satisfied, however. It’s been my problem ever since I posted that article. I want to write. All these words have collectively inspired me. I thought I had drained out all my feelings in that post. It took me mere three days to realize how wrong I had been. I REGRETTED writing it that day, no matter how dear it be to me.

It’s something I had written with LOVE. It is a TREASURE I want to be with me – forever. I had taken a week to prepare it and then typing it in had been tedious. Likes and comments flowed in. I have decided to put it into a complete story – I have thought of the possible plots. Yet, there is an UNCERTAINTY that lingers around me, the cause of which I don’t understand.

(I read the lines above. What am I writing? It’s a crazy mess actually. But it’s also the truth. If I am REGRETTING the TREASURE of a letter to intended to someone whose identity I want to keep a SECRET, what am I doing with this post? I am posting this on WordPress, and then on Writing 101. I am staying at my HOME. I am waiting for the comments. I want to know how much I have degenerated since my last post.)

24 thoughts on “Words!

  1. It happens. When you try to load meaning into existing templates, your expression becomes stilted. And yet, if you are a good writer (which you are, Sandeep,) you still are able to write something that connects with your readers. When I took the blogging101 course, I did only about 40% of the assignments. I don’t know when I’ll slip on one again – but I’ll not berate myself, I am not aiming at perfection. Just at doing the course as best as I can. You are a fine writer and you’ll remain that – notwithstanding your take on the assignments.

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    1. No Anand, it’s not about not being able to write a new post. It’s actually about me lingering onto my older posts. I have not been able to provide a clear message. I now realize my basic error. Thank you!


  2. When I’m in a writing funk, or I’m in a mood where NOTHING inspires me, every piece of advice sounds like a Charlie Brown teacher, “Wawaaa, wa wa wa, waaaa.” Step away from the computer, right now. Don’t check your emails. Don’t check your messages. Get away from the television set. Take an hour for yourself, by yourself, at least once a week, to connect to something creative…something besides writing. Visit an art gallery. Grab your camera and play at photography. Sign up for a local class at your library. Go fishing. Paint. Do something that you keep putting off, or something you used to do, but don’t seem to have time for anymore. Give yourself an hour or more each week to connect with the creative part of you. I started doing this a few months back. It’s the BEST medicine!!! I was terribly burned out from my job, and just life in general. I was at the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed. All I wanted to do is read, sleep, and watch Netflix. I knew I needed to snap out of it, but I didn’t know how. It’s like I checked out from life because it was just too much for me to handle. Going outside for the purpose of doing something that will spark the imagination…was healing. I recently took up playing with water colors. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but I kept putting it off, because it didn’t really serve a purpose. My to do list was waaaaay to long for slopping paint around for the heck of it. I hadn’t done anything art related in…30ish years? Why start now? What’s the point? The point is, I’d been working so hard, trying to be a good employee, wife, and mother, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I had stopped planning and dreaming. My life was reality, only what was happening right now. I could be funny, but I’d lost my fun. I stopped growing as a person. I was stuck. Taking time for creative growth has not come naturally for me. I have to push aside the guilt I feel, guilt that’s not being put on by immediate family. It’s ALL me! I have to stop myself from thinking, “You should be doing…” Spending an hour doing something creative each week has made me more productive in every aspect of my life since I started this. That alone helps me ignore the guilt. I think of these “dates,” as they were medicine. I can’t stop taking them just because I’m feeling much better.
    Take Care! I wish you well!!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Juli for reading the post and leaving a LONNNNNNNNG comment. As soon as I read it, I left whatever I was doing online and drew a picture I wanted to. It had been long I had wanted to do it. I understand my priorities now and I have woken up fresh.
      Thank you again!

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    2. I think Julie your comment is very good and worth creating a post on it’s own. 🙂 I think that situation you had happens to all of us, especially mothers, I am a lazy person (well not that lazy), unlike sandeept since he is a very good writer, I need a prompt but even with that it is not easy for me to create a post but I like challenging myself sometimes to work something out. However, I am not very inclined to the creative side, to produce, although I wish I am but I do try, just need to kick my lazy bug away lol 🙂 I’m glad you are able to do what you love and be refreshed. It is a very good advise, I’ll definitely try it but I am hoping you will create a post about this 🙂

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  3. I’m the opposite. Since I’m fairly new to blogging, everything inspires me. I want to enter everyone’s challenges and contests and do all the assignments. I honestly would do 10 posts a day but I know one or two is enough so I don’t overwhelm my readers.

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  4. Good post.
    My first thought when I looked at those words was that they would be easy to connect together in a poem. I chose the word UNCERTAINTY, but I planned to follow up with something which uses all of them. It’s fun to do that – like a word game.

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