The Nameless Name!

We may not know the name, but we know the tune – deep within us. We just need to seek for it within us.

absolutely bunkum!

Devotees of Truth want their way out of this quagmire of pain and suffering. They want to go back to their real home. All across the globe, in various religious scriptures, in teachings of saints, we find hints towards the name of God. Most of the devotees don’t actually understand what real name is. Therefore, they  keep on chanting various names. It’s not a bad practice to chant names for meditation. You might chant them silently or you may prefer chanting them out loud. You might have observed many people counting the names with help of a rosary. 
The real name is not a name which can be chanted. Kabir says that everyone is fond of praising the name–all scriptures are full of the appreciation of name–but–the name is actually without a body. It cannot be pronounced. Kabir says that you can examine the true…

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