A Complete Introvert Is An Extrovert!

absolutely bunkum!

An introverted personality has all its energy turned inward–minutely examining every thought, feeling and observation. Such a personality might become very perceptive and full of self-doubt at the same time. Introverts are very likely to be paranoid–because they’re working against the natural forces which make them want to engage fully with people–the meme of socialization is hard to resist. Some people are born introverts–wired that way and others become so because of various pressures.

Extroverts have all their energy turned outward–they have energetic presence and easy-going personalities which make others feel good in their presence. They might be very actively social, friendly and energetic without having a good knowledge about themselves. They might not be aware of true nature of things and their own peculiarities because of lack of observation. Most people are born extroverts.


A truly introverted person is one who examines his every feeling and thought carefully and…

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