Words of Gratitude!

When I had joined WordPress on 30th July, I had already known that I would be a much richer experience than Blogger.com, where I have been blogging for more than two years. While Blogger.com is a simple-to-use blogging platform, WordPress is much sophisticated to use. The first thing that had attracted me to WordPress was variety of ready-to-use themes, and their attractive designs. I had been running three blogging sites in the Blogger when I decided that I would join WordPress. I wanted to copy the blog to WordPress. So, I sought for help here and then using the instructions, I copied my blog here. That blog was, “Stories of Sandeept.”

The first thing I noticed was that WordPress is a much interactive platform. With a social networking site-like design, WordPress helps in promotion of blog in much better way than Blogger. As I was exploring the sites available within WordPress, I am not sure how, I found out that registration of Blogging101 had been opened for the August session. The “course” would begin since 3rd August and I had exams starting on the 5th. I thought for a while and after an extensive mind-work, I finally decided that I should take a chance. I registered for the course and had forgotten about it until Tuesday.

That Tuesday, I happened to check for my mail from an app on my phone. I saw that the Commons- a platform for Blogging 101 had been operating since Monday. I introduced myself on the platform. There I found many friends and many inspiring  blogs. Anand”Vibrant” was one of the first users I met. Ivan Proust was another inspiring blogger, who made me spontaneously write poems- something I had never done before. Some other bloggers worth mentioning are Srinath Krishnamoorthy, N.A. Martin, and of course, Michelle Weber and her team at The Daily Post, who organized this program called Blogging 101.

I am very thankful to everyone, who were supportive during this course. I might have forgotten to mention your names, but please do not take that at heart because: 1. Mentioning all names would be difficult, and 2. Whether I mention your names or not, you’ll be always inspiring me in the blogosphere( is it a sphere really?).

3 thoughts on “Words of Gratitude!

  1. Vibrant

    Thanks for your kind words and this gratitude post Sandeept. 🙂
    All of the things you mentioned I have felt as well. 🙂
    A heart full of love is a heart full of gratitude.

    I wish you very best in blogging and life 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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