I saw my email early this morning to look at the e-mail sent by Michelle Weber from Blogging 101. The second last bullet of the mail fired:

  • “Don’t leave a plug that simply links to your blog — your name links back to your blog anyway.” – @michelleweber

I use Wattpad to publish my works online and I had happened to see an article there which briefed on the ways I could use to boost up the number of readers. To publish works in time, following other users and commenting on their works were what the author had emphasized. He had also added, “Comment, but do not advertise. Never write, ‘Look at this,’ and then add a link to your stories. You might get viewers, but you will never get a genuine reader.”

Those were not what exactly the article said, it’s just the gist. The words “advertise” and “genuine” had grabbed my attention. This morning when I saw the mail, I felt Michelle Weber meant the same thing. The thought haunted me. We all like to advertise ourselves and our works, but “that’s not the right way,” I guess.

Back to the Wattpad article. The author clearly stated, “Do not follow someone for the sake of following. And do not follow someone because you want to be followed back.” The only genuine way of getting followers is to add comments to their works. The stories are posted with the expectation that they were will be provided with criticism- either positive or negative. The critics will help in the overall growth of the author. “We want to make this a rich learning experience. If you help others in the process, you will also be helped,” and “As your comments are valuable assets, use them effectively.”

The secret to earning the greater number of viewers and readers are within us, the article had said. The time we manage in publishing and improving our works will earn us true followers and genuine readers. To find a genuine reader is the most important, the article had emphasized. That allows a writer to meet his targets. A writer wants his articles to be read, and wants creative comments from readers. Only genuine readers can do that.

This post is for me, for you, for all the bloggers. Do not advertise your post in your comments. While I might not be annoyed, there are people who may not like such an act. To avoid their annoyance, it is better that you quit such a habit. And do make your blogs richer. That will increase your genuine followers.



  1. I agree! While most people blog to get more followers/reader, there are some who blog for their passion for writing! I think it is very important to recognise that fine line between making sure that your work reaches readers and advertising!

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  2. Really good point . . .for me though there is an occasional exception, for example when you want someone to see a particular post as by the time they or others read it you may have posted quite a bit more so could be a challenge for them to find it. Otherwise totally agree!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Becky. That is the challenge for the author as well. To make each post interesting so that readers would want to read more from the blog, I think is what the authors need to concentrate on. The overall quality of the blog would also increase.

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  3. This is a wonderful post Sandeept and it rings with truth. Shallow or superficial values don’t last for long and only truly interested readers would come back to your blog again and again. Very good advice. Thanks for sharing with us all.



  4. All very true things. I think by leaving your link and saying follow me or go there or whatever the case may be sounds too much like a salesperson in my mind. It also makes me think the person only commented for the sake of leaving their link, which in turn makes me less likely to visit.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    Do you enjoy Wattpad? I’d love to read your work there if you don’t mind sharing a link.


  5. Thank you. This course has shown me how real interaction between disparate people and their ideas should look. It’s been wonderful to ‘meet’ so many people whom I might not interect act with if we only met in person by accident.

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