You Are Made of Love!

absolutely bunkum!

You are my audience and friend. Life is your masterpiece. It’s easy to find differences when you want to find them. Our skin colors, heights, sexes, nationalities, languages, ethnicities, intellectual potentials, blood groups and many such factors might be different from those who interact with us everyday. If we want to differentiate it’s easy. If we want to alienate and isolate ourselves from others it’s easy. The question is whether it makes you happy or not.

If have a scientific bent of mind you know that Psychology tells you about the Pleasure Principle. You are always working for pleasure and you can’t work for pain. If you like pain it’s a disorder and not a healthy functioning organism. Sadists and masochists might say that they don’t crave for pleasure but actually they do. By inflicting pain on others and on themselves they feel pleasure until the decay starts setting in.

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Sages have…

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One thought on “You Are Made of Love!

  1. Hello Ankit,

    I heartily thank you for your kindness. Thanks for taking interest in my posts, visiting my blog and sharing this post. I wish you all the success in 101, blogging and life 🙂



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