Regrets in a Coffin

When words touch the soul…


'Congratulations, your days of avoiding the real world are finally over.' When we try to desperately become what we are not meant to be…we are killing ourselves. -Srinath Krishnamoorthy

This is my question to you my dear reader; the answer for which only you can give:

“You are lying in a coffin. You just got 5 seconds of life left in you. What will be your greatest regret at that moment?”

With the 2-penny-worth psychology trapped in my stupid brain, I can make a wild guess. Most probably you will be regretting about something you have not done till now. Something that you always wanted to do each second of your life  but you were so busy trying to meet both ends, you seldom got a chance to do it.

Another possibility is- regretting doing something you loved in the worst possible way. You loved doing it but your means to that end got screwed up. But its OK, it is somewhat…

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