It’s a Beautiful World!

There are so many wonderful things we see. Even more which we can not see. We usually accept and adore things we can see. Tall mountains, green grasses, blue sky, vibrant rainbow- we love them all. They provide us with the pleasure that nothing else do. We, as products of this wonderful Nature, love to be in her lap.

This very nature provides us energy we don’t see but feel around us. The heat and light from the sun, the food from plants and animals(if we prefer), the vibes from the living beings around us. The breeze that softly blows through us makes us alive. The nature provides us with all.

An individual of one of the most magnificent species in the universe can do anything. I, though a tiny particle in the infinite universe believe that I can do anything through imagination, thoughtfulness and hard work. It’s a Beautiful World and I would like to be one jewel that enhances Her beauty.

10 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful World!

  1. Vibrant

    Hello Ankit,

    You paint a good picture using your imagination and pen. 🙂

    I came to know only today that you are managing two blogs. One for Science and other for Arts. Glad to know about it.

    Keep sharing with others,


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    1. Thank you Anand.
      Yes, I chose Science in the University, Arts and Literature have always been my hobby.
      I managed three blogs on until July. Now I have four. I moved one and created one here. Much load, I guess. I’ll be sharing my best posts from blogger as well.

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