Smart Devices, Clumsy People

Until the mid seventeenth century, there was no mechanical calculating device. The Chinese Abacus was the only notable device, which actually does not do calculations but makes the user calculate at faster speed. This might be the reason why it is widely used in China, Japan and some other developed nations to teach mathematics to children! The invention of Pascaline in 1642 by Blaise Pascal was a sort of revolution. There might have been some other calculating device before but the popularity of Pascaline must due to its accuracy and cosiness.

Pascal’s Calculator(1642 A.D.)

Exactly 200 years later, Lady Augusta Ada Lovelace devised binary number system to use in Charles Babbage‘s Analytical Engine. That was the first time a computer was run using two digits 0 and 1. Then after a hundred years, in 1942, the first electronic computer ABC(Atanasoff Berry Computer) was invented. About 45 years later, the development of Disk Operating System by Microsoft Inc. changed the course of computing. Computers, now were accessible to a lot of people.

Along with computers, cellular phones evolved. The first commercial mobile phone was made available in 1983. By 2000, the first smartphone featuring SMS, GPS, multimedia camera was released. Only seven years later, Apple Inc. developed finger touch smartphones. The market of smartphones has been expanding since then and even more with the introduction of Android platform.

Not only phones and computers, every devices are now being developed into smart. Such devices, also known as gadgets, are now controlling the urban life around the globe. These gadgets have evolved due to human potential of creativity. Their indiscriminate use may harm that human creativity.

This picture shows how we and technology are evolving together.

The excessive use of smart devices are certainly going to affect human brain development and the way they use their brain. Some of the issues have already come up. The use of mobile phones to store personal records and phone numbers has been creating a tendency of forgetting the numbers often which would not have occurred if recorded in a phone book. I myself have faced this problem. At times, I forget my own number and even  numbers of friends I had confidently stored in my brain.

The dullness of the world I feel after the use of smart devices might have the case for each and every individual. Some people have used the devices to promote their creativity, which tells us that the medium of expression has been changing. Human communication is now being dominated by texts. There might be a time in future when humans will stop talking to each other and use whether sign languages or texts for communication(this sounds like from a science fiction story!).

Different types of smartphones

I am not against use of smartphones and smart devices though. Using a smart device, one can never get lost. By the use of GPS locations and wide range of wireless communication, one can go to any place. The devices have also been a good means of communication. But there are people who use smartphones only for multimedia and for show off. They carry smartphones but are not smart enough to use them for navigational purposes. Some people are so much involved in gadgets that they do not even think clearly where they are going and what they are doing.

The use of smart devices is going to be inevitable until the end of this decade. Caution is necessary. As the devices turn smart, we should try to be smarter than them. If that does not happen, we will certainly be dominated by Artificial Intelligence, which is in course of development. Then we might be living like humans shown in the movie Wall-E. Who knows what will happen if function of degrading brain is replaced by upgrading Artificial Intelligence?


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