Life, Death and Medication

Birth and death are the two mystical events that can never be under human control. No one can tell the time of his birth himself not can he predict his future and death. If there is anything he has, it is his present- his life. Life, too is magical. It hangs itself on thin strand of the weakest of breaths and heart-beats, unknown of when it is going to fall forever.

Hindu concept of Birth, Growth and Death. The sparkle represents the soul

Everything that has birth in this die will have to die someday. This is the best of philosophies we have been taught since our births. Yet we live, because we have faith on our souls, our spirits and our bodies. Had I lost the faith that my body could carry me everyday just to see and learn from the world around me, I would have died as soon as I was born. There is a great scientist, Stephen Hawking, who with his determination to lead the world to path of knowledge has been fighting against his own body. He thinks he should deliver his best for the world because he can die any moment. Same is the case with all of us. No one knows what can happen in the next second of their lives. At every second of our own precious life, we fight death. According to spiritual science and traditional Ayurveda, the ability of human soul to combat death is the reason we can live. This is the reason why some people live longer than others.

The modern method of medication such as Homeopathy also believes that the vital force necessary for well-being of human life is affected when one is diseased. So, Homeopathy deals with increasing the determination to resist certain disease with the help of certain medicine along with restoration of faith on oneself. This faith is the sign of positivity, thereby helping the body generate enough antibodies. Today, Homeopathy is just as popular as Allopathy. Allopathy insists on use of number of medicines and surgeries, however the faith on medicine can also bring miracles.

Modern Allopathic medicines aim at increasing the life expectancy of humans

I have read an interesting story on how faith can help someone combat death. In a village of Dolpa, Nepal, a boy of about fourteen was bitten by a snake. The snake was a Rattle snake- one of the most poisonous in the region. The snake had been caught by his father to show to the researchers who had promised awards for the particular snake. After the snake bit the boy, his father who claimed of being able to treat snake bites by recitation of mantras tried to use his tricks. But his son had known the truth and the faith on his father’s techniques had demised. Later, the researchers were called. They gave some injections and the boy became well within hours. The injection actually contained distilled water instead of a proper antidote. Yet the boy survived. Such is the power of faith!

Medicines have been discovered by people for a long time for longevity of life. From herbs mentioned in the Ayurveda to the antibiotics developed by modern chemists, all have aimed to make our lives free of troubles caused by several infections. These medicines have worked until our immune system is able to fight the infections. One of the major causes of success in medication is the upliftment of will to live. If one has no determination to live, the expensive of the medicines can also prove useless. So, along with medicines, a medical personnel should be able to deliver self-confidence. If there is something that separates life from death, it is the determination. Medicines have helped achieve it to some extent. The increasing life expectancy is one of the proofs!


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